This guideline is meant for you, who are about to receive medical treatment for cancer. It can be used as an introduction prior to the start of your treatment, and as a reference during the course of your treatment.

In this guideline medical cancer treatment is defined as either chemotherapy or targeted treatment.

Getting prepared for the treatment

About the treatment


Food, drink and alcohol

Physical and psychological changes

Alternative treatment

Information, support and guidance

Cal us if you have/exprience

  • temperature above 38.5 C /101.3 F
  • bleeding - e.g. nosebleeding, blood in your urine or stool, gynaecological bleeding
  • redness, warmth, soreness and swelling in arms or legs
  • shortness of breath or have difficulty breathing
  • rash, which you can't treat yourself
  • constipattion or have diarrhea, and you can't treat it yourself
  • vomiting for more than 24 hours
  • difficulty in taking your medicine because of nausea
  • difficulty in eating and drinking because of pain in your mouth, tongue and throat

The telephone number is on your contact card.


In case of any questions. Please contact the Oncology Department. Telephone number are on your contact card or:

See contact information on our web site

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