When you have got the whole stomach removed, the esophagus is connected to the small intestine. 

Normally the stomach is a reservoir for the food and the food is grinded into small pieces and blended with gastric juice. When the food is sufficient grinded it is let out in the duodenum in small amounts.

After this surgery the food leave the esophagus and goes directly into the small intestine.

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Be aware

After the surgery you can normally eat as before

Some patients have difficulty digesting fat

Some patients suffer from dumping syndrome when they eat or drink

Talk to your doctor if you have some of the mentioned problems

When you leave the hospital the doctor will prescribe some vitamins and minerals

Instructions for you

We have listed some dietary advice to follow

You can receive some recipes of drinks rich in protein and/or a prescription of protein enriched oral nutrition supplements to buy at the Pharmacy


Contact clinical dietitian

If you have questions before or after the konsultation your welcome to contact us.


4025 5866

Phone time

Monday to friday between 8.00 am to 14.00 pm.

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