Among the ongoing psychosocial cancer research projects are:

Psychosocial factors in breast cancer, a national cohort study
Expressive writing intervention in a nationally representative sample of women with primary breast cancer
Complementary and alternative medicine use among Danish breast and lung cancer cancer patients – associations with quality of life and health outcomes
Religious beliefs and spirituality among cancer patients - associations with health outcomes and quality of life
Children with a parent with cancer – psychosocial consequences and needs
Cognitive function following chemotherapy
Needs of elderly cancer patients
Infections in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy – the role of stress, self-efficacy, and social support
Improving patient-staff communication in oncology and patient empowerment
Among the non-cancer behavioral health research activities are:

Quality of life in dermatological diseases
The placebo phenomenon – effects and mechanisms
The influence of psychosocial factors on the outcome of IVF-treatment
Health behaviors and adherence in diabetes and heart disease.