September 2-3, 2019; Hotel Park, Middelfart

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September 2nd
10.00 Welcome
10.15 Introduction to modeling of clinical data (Søren Bentzen)
11.15 NTCP modeling: Parameter estimation and model fits (Ivan Vogelius)
12.15 Lunch
13.00 Proton versus photon scientific strategy in head and neck cancer (Christian Rønn)
13.45 Proton versus photon scientific strategy in breast cancer (Birgitte Offersen, TBA)
14.30 Coffee
15.00 Disasters in biomodeling! (Søren Bentzen)
15.45 Modeling selection for proton therapy: discussion of endpoints (Kenneth Jensen)
16.30 General discussion
19.00 Dinner

September 3rd
9.00 Detailed tumor control modeling: Introduction and examples (Ivan Vogelius, Katrin Håkansson)
10.00 Model validation & data visualization (Ivan Vogelius)
11.00 Neurocognitive function after radiation therapy (TBA)
11.30 Lunch
12.15 MR linac: Conventional vs. MR linac scientific strategy - is model based selection an option? (TBA)
13.00 Presentation of projects (participants)
14.45 Coffee
15.00 Conclusion of the workshop